Welcome to Tiger theme!

Tiger Theme is a lightweight, modern Concrete5 theme, that utilises modern web techniques such as CSS3 and Jquery to enhance interaction.

This theme is completely responsive, the design scales and adjusts to look good in any browser or device. It looks stunning on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices. It has built using Zurbs Foundation grid framework. The grid is built to create a rock-solid experience on all kinds of devices with the exact same markup. Therefore developing additional page templates is a breeze.

It has been designed and built by Sarah Evans a designer and front-end developer.

Layout Options

Six easily customisible Page Types have been included allowing for maximum flexibility. A custom block template for the page list block, has also been included, which you can see in use throughout this demo site.

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A web pages come to life through great typography. It needs to be clear to read, of good contrast to the background, a decent size, and contain heading that dictate the hierarchy of the content.

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